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Tarrant County Democrats surpass GOP in 2020 Primary Election Turnout

Democratic turnout statewide and in Tarrant County surpassed Republican Turnout for the first time in over a decade.

Tarrant County Elections Office trains Election Judges prior to the 2020 March Primary Photo source: Tarrant County Elections

All eyes were on the Texas Primary Election as the media set their sets on Super Tuesday results to determine who is going to take the lead in the Democratic presidential nomination. After all was said and done, Joe Biden got 34.5% of the vote compared to Bernie Sanders with 30% of the vote. Biden gets 111 delegates from Texas to Sanders 102. Michael Bloomberg finished third and Elizabeth Warren finished 4th.

The Tarrant County Democratic Party’s County Executive Committee, made up of close to 300 Democratically elected precinct chairs in the county, met to discuss election results. Attached is the data for Texas wide turnout and turnout in Tarrant County. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Texas Democrats edged Republicans in turnout by less than a percentage point
  • About 16.2 Million Texans are registered to vote out and about 21.6 Million Texans are age eligible to vote.
  • In Tarrant County, 78.39% of the voting age population is registered to vote. Tarrant County has 1,161,088 registered voters and the estimated population of 18 and older is 1,481,154.

78.39% of the population over 18 is registered to vote
  • In Tarrant County, there was a 46.2% Increase in the Democratic vote and a 42.6% Decrease in the Republican vote with a 13.5% Decrease in the overall vote turnout in Tarrant County when comparing to the 2016 primary.
  • Tarrant County added 134,756 registered voters to the rolls since 2018
  • Vote by Mail participation increased by 23% and Democrats surpassed Republicans in requesting and returning vote by mail ballots
  • The increase in turnout also contributed to longer lines on election day – impacting 15 of 192 election day polling locations

See more Election Day results in the attached PDF presentation

For more information, please contact Heather Buen, Communications chair at [email protected]