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Your party, your priorities

County Convention 2024

What are party conventions?

Party conventions are what they sound like: gatherings of Democrats in defined geographic regions. The purpose of holding a convention is to allow Democrats to discuss and vote on issues that affect the Party, like what should be in our platform, and who should be our presidential nominee.

Aside from party business, conventions are also a major social event: like other professional conferences, party conventions are an opportunity to meet tons of cool people! You’ll get to hang out with Democratic activists; learn about Democratic-aligned businesses and organizations; and find your home in the big tent of Democratic caucuses.

Also, there’s swag!

Delegate seats are limited, so pre-register for convention today.

2024 TCDP Joint County Convention

TCDP County Convention notice - March 23, 2024. UNTHSC MET Building, 1000 Montgomery St, Fort Worth. Represent your community; vote for Democratic Party priorities; apply to be a delegate a state convention.

Tarrant County will be holding a joint county convention. All districts will meet together in the same location. There will be no separate congressional district or precinct conventions.

Questions about county convention? Email [email protected].

County Convention Chair
Crystal Gayden
Portrait of Crystal Gayden

Saturday, March 23 | 9am–4PM

UNTHSC Medical Education & Training Building
1000 Montgomery St, Fort Worth, TX 76107

UNTHSC is a location only and does not endorse the views or activities of any political party.

What happens at county convention?

  • Delegates are the voting body of conventions.
  • Any Democrat who wants to attend county convention can sign up to be a congressional district (CD) delegate.
  • CD delegates select people to represent their districts at the state convention.
  • CD delegates also vote on any proposed platform issues, rules changes, and resolutions that will be sent to the state convention.

All business, all the time is boring, so the TCDP Convention Committee is hard at work finding fun things for delegates to do between sessions.

County Convention Chairs

Pauline Mims
Portrait of Pauline Mims, 2024 Convention Credentials Chair
Jimmy Crump
Placeholder image for vacant positions, showing a silhouetted head with a question mark.
Platform & Resolutions Chair
Sergio Villarreal
Placeholder image for vacant positions, showing a silhouetted head with a question mark.
Greg Hughes
Portrait of Greg Hughes, 2024 Convention Rules Chair

2024 TDP State Convention

Texas Democratic Party Convention - El Paso, TX, June 6 to 8, 2024.

June 6–8, 2024

El Paso Convention Center
C St, El Paso, TX 79901

2024 Democratic National Convention

DNC 2024 logo

August 19–22, 2024

United Center
1901 W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60612


The Texas Democratic Party published this form to submit resolutions. 

An email with a preview link will be sent to registered delegates.

Only convention delegates can vote on party issues, so sign up to be a delegate!

TDP will send an email before state convention asking delegates to confirm their presidential preference; you may change your preference at this time.

Delegates for each level of convention are elected. County convention attendees are automatically eligible to serve as state delegates. National delegates will be elected at the state convention.

State delegates will be selected from the county convention registration lists (online and in-person). If you pre-registered for county convention and indicated interest in being a state delegate, you can still be chosen as a state delegate even if you can’t attend county convention.

We encourage pre-registration because it helps the Convention Committee plan accordingly. But on-site registration will be open from 9AM to 10:30AM, so feel free to bring some friends with you!

Contact the Credentials Committee by sending an email to [email protected] with the subject line “Credentials – 2024 Registration” and provide your name and email address in the email body.