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We Need You!

Tarrant County is the last urban center in Texas that isn’t reliably blue, but with your help, we can change that. While 2020’s election resulted in a Blue Tarrant at the top of the ticket, the votes did not make it down the ballot where our local elections make a big impact. So, we still have, and will always have, work to do!

If you want to join the fight for a government that serves all its people, year round organizing makes a difference. Wondering if now is the right time to get involved–the answer is always yes! 

Due to the pandemic, some of our usual volunteer activities have been curtailed. But we still have plenty of opportunities as it is more important than ever to elect our candidates. 

  • Going door-to-door to talk to voters. This is the most effective way to engage with voters, and it’s more fun than you might think. Block-walkers work in teams to quickly canvass the voters in a neighborhood. Want to knock on doors in your neighborhood now? Join at: txdem.co/blockwalk​.

3130 Plumwood St,
Fort Worth, TX 76111


9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Monday – Thursday

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Contact the Voter Protection Hotline to report any irregularities or obstacles to voting at 844-TX-VOTES.