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Myra Mills Tschirhart

Take Back Texas Rally

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  The Tarrant County Democratic Party stands in opposition to the recent onslaught of abhorrent Republican attacks on Texans. School board meetings are full of parents and doctors pleading for districts to disobey Abbott’s overreaching removal of local control. Our local pediatric hospital has 35 children in the ICU, and 7 children have already died.  Law enforcement and a majority of Republicans oppose permitless carry, but effective two… Read More »Take Back Texas Rally

Tarrant County Democratic Party Elects New Chair

July 17, 2021. The Tarrant County Democratic Party’s Executive Committee of over 250 precinct chairs met this morning to elect a new county chair to fill the unexpired term of Deborah Peoples. Chairwoman Peoples stepped down after seven years of service that took Tarrant from a red county to purple. By a strong majority, Allison Campolo was elected to represent Tarrant Democrats through the primary runoff of 2022 at which… Read More »Tarrant County Democratic Party Elects New Chair

May Newsletter

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May 1 Election Results

An Election Recap:  The wins, the losses, and SO. MANY. RUNOFFS! May 1st’s election was a record-setting turnout for municipal participation across the county.  TURNOUT  First off, turnout was great! …for a local election. But you want to know what would be even better? If we all just voted in every election.  Here are some turnout numbers (percentages are a percent of registered voters, not of the voting age population):… Read More »May 1 Election Results

A Message from the Chair

Deborah Peoples, Chair of Tarrant County Democratic Party A message from Chair Peoples:  “After nearly a decade of organization, mobilization, and progress, I am announcing that I will be stepping down from my position as Chair of the Tarrant County Democratic Party. “Now it is time to pass the torch to the next generation. Tarrant County is young, vibrant, and full of potential. I see my work as Chair as… Read More »A Message from the Chair

🎨 Art Contest 🎨

The Tarrant County Democratic Party is excited to announce our 2021 Spring T-Shirt Design Contest! We invite local artists and constituents with a knack for design to send in their creations. The winning artwork selected will receive a $100 prize and will see their design on TCDP merchandise named after the artist. Artwork should represent Democratic values: Community, People Power, and Voting. Please submit designs by April 15 at Midnight… Read More »🎨 Art Contest 🎨