Happy “Blue” Year for Tarrant County Democrats

Closing the books on another wonderful year. The year 2019 will be considered a year closings out the 2010’s by which we created a stronger foundation for your Tarrant County Democratic Party. If you read much of the news of the last decade for Tarrant County Democrats we started the decade with a new Congressional District 33 and five more state house districts after lawsuits filed because of discriminatory redistricting maps by the Texas Republican majority. It has been a long fought battle during this decade with regards to redistricting and the hope is that we can help flip five house districts to help flip 9 overall Texas House Seats so that Democrats regain the majority in the House to help draw fairer congressional and legislative districts for the next decade.

Poised to flip even more Blue

Tarrant County state house district races are trending blue each election cycle. Over the course of the 2010’s we have seen Democratic vote growth for President and US Senate within the five flippable house districts by as much as 10 points bluer in favor of Tarrant Democrats.

The 2012, 2016, 2018 presidential and senate results from the Daily Kos legislative district data set

“Tarrant County hasn’t voted for a Democrat since Lyndon Johnson won his home state in 1964. But its booming population may change that: Since Republicans began losing market share there, about 40 percent of the county’s residents are new.”

Tarrant County’s Democrats are much morehopeful and energized to continue to turn #TarrantCounty even bluer.

2019: Year in Review

WE have many things we are truly grateful for in 2019.

We continued with our successful Wild Women Luncheon series this year featuring Royce Brooks from Annie’s List, US Senate Candidate MJ Hegar, State Rep Donna Howard and others.

US Senator and Presidential Candidate, Kamala Harris came to Tarrant County for a fundraising meet and greet last March

The CEC (County Executive Committee) comprised of the Tarrant County Democratic Precinct Chairs ratified a new Committee Structure with a leadership advisory committee and standing committees to help with strategy and planning for the county party in April 2019.

Tarrant County Democratic Party and our allied clubs and organizations out for the July 4th Parade in Como

The creation of three new specialty committees: LatinX, Asian American and Pacific Islander, and Labor Relations in addition to our Black Voter Impact and Educator to Educator committees.

LatinX Voter Outreach helps register voters at the 2019 Michelada Festival

The successful kickoff of our sustaining membership fundraising program in August resulting in 57 new sustaining members and recurring donors and growing

Newly redesigned website and logo refresh increasing our Google search engine rankings and pageviews

Party Chair Deborah Peoples working with the Tarrant County Elections Office and the Tarrant County Commissioner’s court on a bipartisan effort to successfully advocate for Vote Centers and our participation in County-wide voting in Tarrant County

Increased Voter Participation in the November 2019 Constitutional Elections

Successful Inaugural Ramon Romero- TCDP Chili Cookoff Fundraiser in December

HD90 State Representative Ramon Romero and Justice of the Peace, District 5 Judge Sergio De Leon at the Ramon Romero-TCDP Chili Cookoff.

Successful filing of over 30 candidates countywide to run on the Democratic ticket in the March 3 Democratic Primary

12,670 petition signatures were gathered in Tarrant County to help 15 candidates qualify for the ballot.

We are giving Tarrant County voters a choice with Democrats up and down the ballot. We are fielding our largest diverse field of Democratic candidates for district court judge and ready to topple the conservative monopoly on judicial positions in Tarrant County.

We had 194 Precinct Chairs file to officially be on the ballot as Democratic Precinct Chairs for 2020 through 2022.

We can’t do this without you

The success and viability of our efforts relies upon the generosity of our volunteers, supporters, precinct chairs and county executive committee, donors, elected officials, candidates and sustaining members. We urge you to make activism in the official Tarrant County Democratic Party one of your goals for 2020. We have less than 3 months until the Democratic Primaries and less than 306 days from January 1, 2020 until the November General election.

You can do so by donating at donate.tarrantdemocrats.org or volunteering with us at volunteer.tarrantdemocrats.org

You can also join us as a delegate at the county/senate district conventions being held on Saturday March 21, 2020 and help us determine the delegates that move forward to the State Convention on Jan 4 through Jan 6. Delegates help vote on our officers, Senate District Executive Committee and on our platform positions. Become a Delegate by signing up at convention.tarrantdemocrats.org

Thank you for being a part of that story in 2019!
#tarrantDemocrats #TurnTarrantBlue