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Tarrant County Democrats Work to Warn Voters of Potential Ballot Application Problems from the “Election Integrity” Sneak Attack

Tarrant County, Texas— Voter subversion is ongoing so expect more headlines from the Lonestar state. Despite Republicans maintaining control of the County, this year brought severe and unnecessary changes to our election laws, which we can only assume is a result of the record almost 67% participation our state celebrated in 2020. According to the former Abbott-appointed Secretary of State it was safe and secure, yet “election integrity” was used as a trojan horse to subvert the very elections they remain responsible for overseeing. These targeted attacks on voter registration, early voting periods, and vote by mail application requirements serve the real purpose of sowing confusion and frustration countywide among voters. Recent stories about alarming rejection rates of vote by mail applications confirm voters fear of targeted voter suppression.

Voters are urged to exercise caution and due diligence when completing their application for a ballot by mail (ABBM) because of these attacks on the process designed to disrupt, delay, and possibly deny the will of voters. These changes include shrunken and closely spaced font, which places older and/or disabled voters at a disadvantage leading to delays or denials of the application process. Non-partisan election officials and volunteers will continue to work diligently to make the process of voting accessible to eligible voters in spite of the ongoing obstacles. 

Statement from Tarrant Democratic Party Chair: Allison Campolo

“The Tarrant County Democratic Party sees the massive movement to hold off the changing tide coming to Texas. We are not deterred. Our mission is and will continue to be to reach every voter we can and make the process as smooth as possible for everyone to exercise their constitutional right to vote. I have been in negotiations with our Tarrant County Elections Administrator and the Tarramt County GOP to ensure as many voters as possible have access to local polling locations. Our staff and volunteers are working on an approved alternative application and guidance to accomodate the needs of elderly and disabled voters. TCDP is also partnering with Rideshare 2 Vote to provide transportation to those who may have difficulty reaching a polling place but prefer to vote in person to be sure their vote is counted. Voting should be safe and simple, and until we change who is in charge, these obstacles will increase and voter’s voices will be overruled.”