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July 29th, 2020

Email to request a registration link

CEC (County Executive Committee) Meetings are the county-wide meetings held where Precinct Chairs make their voices heard by voting on Democratic Party business and exchanging information. Precinct Chairs are expected to attend. 

True Blue T-Shirt


*Limited Edition* Shirts are available in Small, Medium, Large, XL, and XXL, and are unisex white. 


Texas Democratic Party (TDP) has plenty of online training videos for you to watch!

The national level offers training, too, at

Look below under "Other Resources" for more info. 

  • The TCDP is funded only by LOCAL DONATIONS.  Everyone who can afford a monthly donation should become a sustaining member.
  • We need MORE ELECTION WORKERS for the July Primary Runoff.
  • Every Democrat needs to VOTE EARLY in the Primary and General.
  • PCs and HDCs are expected to maintain NEUTRALITY during the party Primary.
  • PCs and HDCs are expected to SUPPORT EVERY DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE on the ballot in their precinct in the General Election.
  • PCs should be working on 2 things: BUILDING A TEAM AND IDing DEMOCRATIC VOTERS.

CEC Meetings

  • July 29 (Wednesday Night)
  • August 22
  • September 19
  • October 17
  • December 5


Election Dates

  • July 14 - Primary Runoff Election Day
  • October 5 - Registration Deadline for General
  • October 19 - Polls Open
  • November 3 - Turn Texas Blue Election Day
  • See this for more elections and deadlines, including Vote-by-mail
  • The CEC meeting is in EAD Room 108. Park at Camp Bowie Blvd and Clifton St parking lot, enter the building on the side closest to Camp Bowie, take the elevator down, and you'll see us!

CEC meeting location

Use these short URLs to help direct people to answers!

If you'd like to request a short URL for phone banking or another reason, email We have and Tarrant.Blue that can be used!

Quick Links

Mid-Term Appointment

Is there a Precinct Chair vacancy? Apply using this form in between primary elections to fill an open chair position.

List of PCs

Here is the most up-to-date list of Precinct Chairs in Tarrant County along with contact info.

House District Coordinators

Reach out to your House District Coordinator! Contact info for each HDC in Tarrant County can be found here.

See Who Filed!

What Precinct Chairs filed? Here's the SOS Website with filings for the 2020 Primaries. See if there's a Republican in your precinct!

Who is running?

Here's where you can see candidates who have filed.


Welcome Precinct Chairs of Tarrant County!

As a Precinct Chair (PC), you fulfill one of the most important roles of the Democratic Party. Thank you for volunteering in this role and being at the front lines of the Blue Wave!

Elections are won and lost at the precinct level. Informing your precinct about candidates and gathering neighbors for fellowship is at the heart of who we are as Democrats.

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of the Precinct Chair?

  • Attend training to learn VAN
  • Use VAN to Identify Dems in your precinct
  • Make contact with voters, record their answers and contact information
  • Attend CEC Meetings and vote on party business

Your Precincts & House District Maps

Your Precinct, or your neighborhood, is where your role begins. Our county encompasses multiple House Districts (HDs) and we divide PCs into those HDs for further collaborative organizing.

  • A full precinct map can be found at this link.
  • Or individual maps can be pulled from here. Click on the option that is the first digit of your precinct number (ex. Commissioner Precinct 1 for precinct 1023).
  • House District maps can be found here.


Digital Tools

VAN (Voter Access Network) 

VAN gives you access to voters so that you may create lists to identify and reach out to your neighbors. 

Download the VANual!

MiniVAN – Mobile Digital Canvassing

MiniVAN is designed to make your canvassing walks, (door to door), as efficient, clear, and easy as possible.

Download the MiniVANual!

  • Digital maps display the location of homes in your canvass.
  • GPS inherit in your smartphone or tablet,  allows you to see where you are walking at all times. This allows you greater visibility in apartment complexes, and tough to navigate neighborhoods.
  • Scripts are easier to read.
  • Real time upload into VAN for Survey Question Answers, Voter Editing, and Completed Canvassing.

VAN Training

Periodically, VAN training will be offered weekday evenings at TCDP headquarters. This is more focused training beyond what you learn at the PC training.


Q: What do I do if there’s a “No Soliciting” sign? 
A: It’s up to you whether you’d like to knock or not. You are not selling something, and political canvassing is a protected speech by the first amendment. Read More Here


Submit your common questions you’d like to have shortcuts to by emailing

Other Resources

Distributed Canvassing Links



QR codes

Sometimes when we’re out knocking on doors, we get questions or try to direct people to a certain website. You can navigate to this page and have them scan these QR codes with their phone to perform the following tasks! 

Voter Registration

Volunteer Sign-Up