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Precinct Chairs

Precinct chairs represent voters in the county party. Here, you can learn more about what precinct chairs do and find out how to contact yours. If you're ready to organize local Democrats, you can also apply to serve as a precinct chair.

Find Your Precinct Chair

Precinct chairs (PCs) are elected or appointed to represent voters in individual voting precincts. If you know your precinct number, you can use the table below to find out who your PC is and how to contact them.

If you don’t know your precinct number, you can use the Tarrant County Voter Lookup tool, provided by the Tarrant County Elections office, to look up your voter information, including your voting districts.

Learn More

Precinct Chairs are at the heart of local organizing. They are ordinary people representing a small group of people and doing the real work: identifying and turnIng out democratic voters for elections. Chairs serve a 2 year term, elected on the even year primary ballots, or appointed if vacancies arise. 

Precinct Chairs are given access to resources and tools like the database used by all of the Democratic Party which compiles publicly available voter registration data with other information sources to give you a good idea of who we know to be Democrats, or not, and who we still need to talk to in order to figure out their status. From there, a Precinct Chair gets to know their neighborhood. Knocking on doors and making phone calls: Precinct Chairs find out what issues matter to their neighbors and help relay voting information like polling locations and times, resources to get involved, and so much more.

As a precinct chair, you also would be a member of the County Executive Committee (CEC) which is comprised of all county precinct chairs and all county party officials. CEC members are active advocates for their communities and shape the TCDP’s identity, positions, structure, operations, direction, activities, and more. The CEC is the voting body of the TCDP, and all CEC members are also in a position to introduce new resolutions before the CEC.

With its hundreds of precinct chairs from across Tarrant County (young, old, Black, Brown, AAPI, Caucasian, LGBTQIA, immigrants, union members, activists, TCDP committee chairs, former elected officials, former Republicans, longtime local Democrats, former members of the desegregation movement, and more), the CEC is also the source of a wealth of diverse knowledge, experience, wisdom, expertise, and community contacts.

At meetings, you can expect to be updated on the latest party news, learn more about what goes on behind the scenes at TCDP, hear from allied community leaders, and generally get more plugged in to the rest of your county.

Along with the large impact you can make on voter turnout in your area, your CEC membership gives you the opportunity to more strongly advocate for your precinct’s best interests and increase your effectiveness as a force for positive change within your community.

Precinct Chairs must: 

  • be 18 or older
  • be a registered voter
  • reside in that precinct
  • have voted in the most recent Democratic primary election or sign an oath of affiliation to the Democratic Party.
  • Precinct Chairs can’t be elected officials or candidates for county, state or federal office.
See more about the rules that govern Democratic Precinct Chairs in the Texas Democratic Party rules.   

Do you know what your precinct number? Find your ‘Voter Precinct’ number here.

Next use your “Voter Precinct” number to look at this list of current TCDP Precinct Chairs to see who it is or if the Precinct Chair is currently vacant. 

Does your precinct already have a Precinct Chair? Wonderful! They really appreciate you reaching out to tell them you want to help take action in your neighborhood! 

Does your Precinct Chair have a blank? That means we are looking for someone just like you!  Eager to create real community change? Think you’d be a good fit, learn more in the  “Interested in Becoming a Precinct Chair” section below! 

If your Precinct has a vacant Precinct Chair position, you can be appointed midterm by completing an application. 

Precinct Chairs are elected on the March primary ballots of even number years. 

To help support our Precinct Chairs, Tarrant County has a team of dedicated volunteers known as the Precinct Leadership Committee (PLC). Each of the 11 House Districts within Tarrant County have their own assigned Democratic House District Coordinator who serve on this committee.

The House District Coordinator (HDC) is the point person for all PCs in that district, helping to recruit people to fill vacant chairs, to offer additional training and support of active PCs, and to serve as a liaison between leadership and Precinct Chairs. This allows for more support for our Precinct Chairs and a smaller grouping that allows us to work together at a more localized level.

Find your State Rep’s House District here:

Questions? Contact [email protected]

Why Be A Precinct Chair?


685 John B. Sias Memorial Pkwy
Suite 400
Fort Worth, TX 76134


10:00AM – 4:00 PM
Monday – Friday

Report voting obstacles or irregularities to the Voter Protection Hotline at 844-TX-VOTES.

Paid for by Tarrant County Democratic Party, Crystal Gayden, Chair, not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Precinct Chair Application

Request for Mid-Term Appointment for 2024-2026

If you have not yet reached out to your House District Coordinator, we recommend making that connection to speed along your application process. Find the HDC’s contact info here

If you need assistance completing this form please contact [email protected].

Find your precinct:

Public Office Notice: The precinct chair position is an elected party office, and your phone number and email address will be public on the local Party and the Texas Secretary of State websites.

I, the applicant, warrant the truthfulness of the information provided in this application.

Oath of Affiliation: Every person who accepts a Party office at any level (including precinct chair, convention delegate, and alternate delegates) agrees to support all of the Party nominees (in the primary and the general election) or they shall be removed. Your typed signature below is your legal signature for this purpose.
Upon clicking "submit" below, this form will be emailed to the Tarrant County Democratic Party. The form must be returned to TCDP by 9:00am the regular business day before the next following County Executive Committee (CEC) meeting in order to be placed on the agenda. Once approved, you will soon receive information on duties, expectations, upcoming trainings and tips on being an effective precinct chair. You will also receive important login information to access VAN - the Voter Activation Network.