- turning Tarrant blue -

Nov 3, 7am-7pm 
any Tarrant polling location

Where do I vote?

Good news! You can now vote at any Voting Center in Tarrant County. You do NOT have to go to your precinct’s assigned voting center anymore. 

Share the link! On a phone call? Tell them to go to map.tarrant.blue!

Polls are open from 7 am to 7 pm. As long as you are in line by 7 pm you can vote so stay in line. 

Need a ride to the polls? Click here to learn more! 

What do i bring with me?

Your voter registration card is NOT required to vote, but if you know where it is, it’s always a good idea to bring it just in case! You WILL need an ID (some exceptions apply). View IDs Info Here

If your address on your ID doesn’t match your voter registration, that’s ok!  

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How do I preview my sample ballot?

If the system has issues finding you, please call the Tarrant County Elections Office at 817-831-8683. 

If you are found in the system, click on your name. 


Sample ballots are available in English & Spanish, or English & Vietnamese. Select one from the Ballot(s) dropdown menu and click “Download”. 


You can have paper notes with you when you vote. Print your sample ballot, mark your candidates and take your notes to the polls. As you can see, candidates will still have “DEM” by their names! And you can abstain from voting for Republicans on races where there is no Democratic candidate if you wish.


Can I Vote by Mail (VBM)?

**Message from the Chair – 10/31/2020

We need you to make absolutely sure your vote counts — so if you requested a mail-in-ballot but still haven’t received it, we encourage you to go vote in-person. If you do have your mail ballot, vote it right now, hand- deliver it to your elections drop off location and bring photo ID.

In Tarrant County that would be the Elections Office at 2700 Premier, Fort Worth TX 76111

If you opt to vote in person and you have not received your mail-in ballot, let the clerk at the polling location know you are voting in person because your mail ballot never arrived. Please take a photo ID.

You are eligible to vote by mail if you:

  • will be away from your county on Election Day and during the hours that early voting is conducted;
  • are sick or disabled;
  • are 65 years of age or older on Election Day; or
  • are confined in jail.

With all of the confusion and misinformation about Voting by Mail, we have a whole page dedicated to this topic. Contact us if you have additional questions!

When can I expect to receive my ballot in the mail?

If you sent in an application for a ballot by mail, then you can expect your ballot to arrive as soon as possible. Applications for absentee/mail-in ballots are accepted as long as they are RECEIVED by Oct 23rd. If you haven’t mailed in an application for a ballot, you will not receive a ballot. Apply to vote by mail here. 

How do I vote in-person even though I requested a mail-in ballot?

Option 1. The easiest thing to do is to TAKE YOUR BALLOT to any polling location and surrender it. From there, you should be able to vote like normal. 

Option 2. If you haven’t received your ballot or can’t find it, you will need to cast your vote provisionally. Here’s what you can expect:

  • You will spend additional time completing an “Affidavit of Provisional Voter.” It feels redundant and is a lot of information, but please complete it all.
  • The poll worker will fill out the left hand side (six boxes starting with “Type of Election”, the 6th box will be blank)
  • The election judge or senior election clerk must fill out the part that says “to be completed by election judge.”  They must:
    • Check the box that says the voter did or did not present good photo ID.
    • Mark the reason for using a provisional ballot.
    • Fill in the date.
    • Sign where it says “signature of election judge.”
  • Nothing should be written or marked in the section about ballot board or voter registration. Failure to complete this correctly by the voter, clerk, or election judge is grounds for rejection.

Option 3: Complete your mail-in ballot and hand deliver it (they have a drive through) to the Elections Office with your valid photo ID. The elections office is located at 2700 Premier St, Fort Worth, TX 76111 and you can drop off anytime during the early voting hours. 

Option 4: Mail it right now! 

How do I complete and return my ballot by mail?

We are so glad you asked! Please make sure you follow all the directions so that your vote will count without any issues!

This guide was created by our ballot board judge and will prepare you for what to look out for: 

Prerequisites: already a registered voter who has applied to vote by mail and received your ballot

Quick reference:

  1. Complete your ballot with black ink.
  2. Place it inside the grey envelope and seal.
  3. Place the grey envelope inside the yellow envelope (and the SOR form, if applicable).
  4. Seal.
  5. Sign over the flap.
  6. Mail.

Some extra details: 

  1. Wait for your ballot. If you applied early, you should receive your ballot around one month before the election.
  2. When your ballot arrives, fill it in according to the instructions. See the “Best Practices for Completing Your Ballot” for more info.
  3. Fold your ballot and place it inside the grey official ballot envelope, also called the secrecy envelope. Put all pages of your ballot inside, even if you don’t vote on every page. Only put one complete ballot in each ballot envelope. Do not add the ballot of someone who lives with you, or both ballots will be rejected.
  4. Seal the grey ballot envelope.
  5. Place the grey ballot envelope inside the yellow official carrier envelope. If you accidentally left out a page of your ballot when you sealed the ballot envelope, you may place the missing page inside the yellow carrier envelope, but do not add pages from someone else’s ballot, or include a second complete ballot in the carrier envelope. If multiple ballots are inside the same carrier envelope, they will be rejected.
  6. If you received a yellow “Statement of Residence” (SOR) form, fill it out and place it inside the yellow carrier envelope. The yellow envelope will have a barcode printed on it with a notation saying “SOR”. If an envelope marked “SOR” does not include the yellow SOR form, the ballot will be rejected.
    • Put the SOR form inside the yellow carrier envelope, NOT inside the grey ballot envelope. It is the first thing the Early Voting Ballot Board will look for when opening envelopes, to make sure your vote can be counted.
  7. Double check!
    • Ballot filled out correctly and placed inside grey ballot envelope.
    • Grey ballot envelope sealed and placed inside yellow carrier envelope.
    • Last chance to make sure you didn’t forget a page. If you did, place it in the yellow carrier envelope.
    • Only your ballot is inside the grey or yellow envelopes. Not anyone else’s.
    • The yellow SOR form, if applicable, is complete and correct, and placed inside the yellow carrier envelope.
  8. Seal the yellow carrier envelope. Make sure it will close properly before you wet the glue. If it is open, the ballot will be rejected. Do not use tape.
  9. Sign the envelope. Sign inside the signature box, and across the bottom and top of the sealed flap. It is okay to make your signature bigger than normal if you need to.
  10. Make sure that anyone who helped you mark your ballot fills out the affidavit on the yellow carrier envelope, and reads the oath under “instructions to assistant”.
  11. If you cannot make your normal signature, you can still make a mark. If you cannot make a mark, leave the signature space blank. You must ask someone to witness your mark or affirm that you cannot make a mark. Your witness must complete, in full, the part of the affidavit that says “instructions to witness”. If you are able to make your mark, they must state your name, and include their information. If you cannot make your mark, they must check the box to indicate that you are unable to do so, in addition to the previous information. If the affidavit is not filled out correctly and completely, your ballot will be rejected.
    • Use a pencil (or small markings) to keep track of which candidates you like
    • When you decide which candidate to vote for, use a black ballpoint pen to fill in the correct box.
    • Fill in the boxes completely, or as completely as possible.
    • If you cannot fill in the box, it is okay to ask someone to help you fill it in. However, this person must complete the assistant portion of the affidavit on the back of your yellow return envelope, stating that they helped you at your request, and under your supervision.
    • Do not use white out, and do not try to scratch out or cross out an incorrect choice.
    • If you make an error, mark the correct box, and put an clear, legible mark next to the choice you want. The ballot will be marked as “overvote”, and the Early Voting Ballot Board will manually review your ballot to see if you indicated which choice you wanted to keep, and make sure it is counted correctly. If you do not indicate which vote you want to use, the ballot will be marked “overvote” and no vote will be recorded.
    • Do not write or put markings in the margins of the ballot (where the barcodes are). The electronic scanner cannot read the ballot if there are markings there, and your ballot will have to be manually reproduced by the Early Voting Ballot Board in order to be counted.

For most ballots, 1 “first-class stamp” or postage totaling $.55 (55 cents) will be sufficient. 

Northwest ISD or Mansfield ISD?
Because your ballot is so long, the Elections Office has determined that your return envelope is too heavy for one stamp. Send your ballot with 2 first class stamps or $.70 (70 cents) to avoid hiccups in the system. 

Yes! BUT only at the elections office, only your ballot, and only with approved ID. You can drive through and drop your ballot off between 8am-5pm Monday through Friday until early voting starts, and then you’ll follow the early voting times.

The elections office is located at 2700 Premier St, Fort Worth, TX 76111. 


Call the elections office if you have any questions. 817-831-8683. TDD: 817-759-7801

Who's on my ballot?

This can be a little complicated because every precinct (there are over 700 in Tarrant!) can have a different ballot. Use the Tarrant County Voter Lookup Tool to download the sample ballot (view instructions here!) 

View all the Democratic candidates and links to their websites here

What else is on the ballot?

Some of Tarrant County residents will also have city elections at the bottom of their ballots. For you, pulling a sample ballot is crucial to your prep work! The cities/municipalities affected in this fall’s election are: Arlington, Bedford Special Election, Benbrook, Burleson, Colleyville, Euless, Flower Mound, Grand Prarie, Haltom City, Haslet, Hurst, Keller, Kennedale, Mansfield, Newark, North Richland Hills, Pelican Bay, Richland Hills, River Oaks, Southlake, Trophy Club, White Settlement. 

So please pull your sample ballot–local races matter, too!

I want to do more. Where am I needed?

Volunteers for phone banking is the greatest need. If this doesn’t sound like something you’d like or can do, trust us, you can! Sign up to volunteer and we’ll try to put you where you’ll best fit. 

Election workers and election judges are critical. Can you work the polls? 

Poll Watcher vs. Poll Greeter

  • Poll Watchers: Inside the polling location, required paperwork and approval, observes the election staff for irregularities. We need poll watchers! Click here to learn more and sign up. 
  • Poll Greeters: Outside the electioneering zone (100 feet away from the entrance), come and go, causal, pepping up voters and offering resources and hotline help for questions. Sign up to be a poll greeter below!

Poll Greeters: 
Nov. 3

Stand outside the polling location and be the last face someone sees before they enter the non-campaigning zone–you can also help offer resources like the voter helpline and answer questions!

What if I encounter problems when registering or voting?

Call the Voter Protection Hotline if you have any issues or see irregularities that prevent you from registering or casting your vote.

Call 1-844-TX-VOTES

Learn more about the steps being taken for Voter Protections in Texas here. ​

How do I verify my registration?

Enter your information and then check your Voter Status (A is for Active). If you are not found or have a different status from what you expect, please contact Tarrant County Elections at 817-831-8683.

Alternatively, to use the Secretary of State’s tool, go to https://teamrv-mvp.sos.texas.gov/MVP/mvp.doSelect your method of lookup by using the drop-down box on the right-hand side of the page. 

VUID = Voter Unique Identifier (displayed on your voter registration card)
TDL = Texas Driver’s License
Enter your information and press “Submit.”

SOS voter registration tool screenshot

We recommend using registertexas.com to check your voter registration status, and you can opt in or out of reminder emails.


Election Day, 11/3 
7am – 7pm


3130 Plumwood St,
Fort Worth, TX 76111


9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Monday – Thursday

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Contact the Voter Protection Hotline to report any irregularities or obstacles to voting at 844-TX-VOTES.