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TCDP Office Harassed Repeatedly

Republican-recruited Election Worker demands extra payment for assisting Democratic voters


March 3, 2022


March 3, 2022

Tarrant County, TX– The Tarrant County Democratic Party office has received ongoing harassment for multiple days from an election worker recruited by Republican Party members. The election worker was repeatedly belligerent towards staff and left multiple messages demanding direct extra payment from TCDP for assisting Democratic Voters, in addition to Republican Voters, on Primary Election Day. The election worker also said he would refuse to vacate the premises until he received payment.

Assisting all voters wishing to cast a ballot is required by state law. Further, the parties do not directly pay election workers – this is done through the Tarrant County Elections office. Finally, there were a myriad of instances of Democratic workers helping Republicans, and vice versa, in order for Tuesday’s Primary election to be successful. 

The TCDP Office will remain closed and reopen March 7th. Stronger security protocols are being put in place for Staff and volunteers. TCDP strongly condemns these intimidation tactics and remains committed to serving the voters of Tarrant County. A report has been filed and we would like to thank the Tarrant County Sheriff’s department for their swift response to our safety concerns.

Democracy depends on the participation of the people. We encourage the public to get involved and help us restore basic decency to the process.


Rachel Sollid, Communications Director

[email protected]