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Tarrant County Democrats’ Concern Remains for Abortion Rights in Texas

Tarrant County, TexasTarrant County Democratic Party Chair Dr. Allison Campolo, issued the following statement on the Supreme Court’s decision to allow abortion providers limited ability to sue regarding SB 8:

“Half of Texans remain without the right to safe and legal abortion as the Supreme Court refused to strike down SB 8. The Court is allowing abortion providers the limited ability to sue. Today’s decision is but a fleeting victory for the constitutional right of bodily autonomy. As Justice Sotomayor’s dissent points out, ‘this is a brazen challenge to our federal structure. It echoes the philosophy of John C. Calhoun, a virulent defender of the slaveholding South who insisted that States had the right to “veto” or “nullif[y]” any federal law with which they disagreed.’ We fear by leaving the vigilante enforcement mechanism in place, the Court is offering a path forward to erode previously protected constitutional rights. These political games should not be played with our judicial system and damage the rule of law.

“Constitutional Rights should not be subject to one’s gender, race or any other arbitrary measure. We continue to oppose laws such as SB 8 which allow state enforced births by denying autonomy to pregnant people. We continue to fight alongside our community to ensure Tarrant County is represented by individuals who understand the hardships of forced birth policies and refuse to allow this erosion of our fundamental rights.”