GOTV Lit Drop Program

GOTV LIT Drop Program (Tarrant) 

Thank you for signing up to lit drop to our voters here in Tarrant County as we get ready to GOTV. If you got here from a friend, please register for shift here! We are adhering to COVID guidelines and NOT knocking on doors. We are just leaving literature (door hangers and/or candidate slate cards) on Democratic doors. 

Major Dates and Deadlines:

October 16/17 Lit Drop like it’s Hot – Weekend of Action
November 1 Completion of all Lit Drop Activities
November 3 General Election Day – Sign up to Poll Greet 

Lit Drop Pickup:

You can pick up literature from the county party office or from one of our door depots across the county. Find a door depot here: (

Depots will have boxes of material on their front porch that you just grab and distribute. You can also view the map here:


We have 50,000 Democratic “We Vote, We Win” Slate 6×9 Mailer – you can distribute or mail them yourself (We don’t have stamps at the office so you would have to incur the cost for the first-class postage) 

  • 35,000 Biden/Harris Door Hangers (English/Spanish) – None left In the office, check depots
  • 30,000 New Texas for Biden/Harris – Last Chance Door Hangers
  • 7,500 Biden/Harris Palm Cards

See what the literature looks like here!



Newest shipment of 30,000 Last Chance Biden/Harris Door Hangers

How many should I get at a time?

We have a few guidelines on how best to distribute this literature. We recommend a minimum pickup of 75 cards and a maximum of 300 but just let us know if you need more. – Watch a lit Drop training here (

 Mobile Canvassing App

We recommend using the Minivan canvassing mobile app.The app will automatically get you 75 doors within a ten-mile radius of your location. No cutting or printing of lists are needed

The Minivan Canvassing Mobile App is available for Download via Google Play and the Apple Store – Watch a short tutorial here on how to use the app:

You will have to set up an action ID if you don’t already have one. 

STEP 1 – Head to the neighborhood or area where you will do your lit drop

Then download a new list by entering this code (34116252-61370)

You will get 76 doors within a ten-mile radius of your location loaded into the app

STEP 2 – Use the app to just drop the literature at the door, mark complete then move on to the next house. Make sure you synch after a few minutes and synch again so the data gets sent to the central database. 


Each list once loaded to Minivan expires the next day. This frees up the door for others to drop off literature. Once you finish a list of 75, synch results and then you can download a new list and enter the same code. 

Do not load a list until you get to your location because the app is GPS location based 

*If you have literature leftover by 10/25 or if you know you will not use it all please return it to the TCDP Office at 3130 Plumwood St, Fort Worth TX 76111

COVID19 and Contact Tracing

Lastly, as volunteers come in, they will need to complete a brief form stating that they are COVID-19 symptom free, for contact tracing purposes. That form can be located at

Have Questions:

You can contact me, Heather Buen, Communications Chair from 11:00AM-8:00PM CT Monday-Saturday to answer any questions you may have. My cell is: 214-215-0863 or you can also email Texting is the easiest way to reach me.