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2020 Democratic Primary Runoff

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Registration deadline: June 15
Apply by mail deadline: July 2

POLLS OPEN: June 29 
VOTE BY: July 14

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U.S. Senate


Mary "MJ" Hegar


This is a statewide race.

Job descriptionRepresents the state of Texas in the US Senate, the upper chamber of the legislative branch. Term is six years.
    • Writes and votes on federal laws.


    • Votes to confirm or deny presidential appointments (Cabinet members, Supreme Court justices, ambassadors).


    • Votes to confirm or deny treaties with foreign governments.


    • The Senate leads the federal budget process, which decides how much the federal government will spend each year.


    • The Senate also has the power to hold an impeachment trial for any federal official who commits a crime against the country.
Annual salary$174,000

Source: http://www.tarrantvotes.com/


Royce West

U.S. House, Congressional District 24


Kim Olson

Congressional District 24*


The Northeast part of Tarrant is in Congressional District 24. 

Job descriptionRepresents his/her district in the US House of Representatives, the lower chamber of the legislative branch of the United States. Term is two years.
    • Writes and votes on federal laws.

    • The House has the power to vote on impeachment (the Senate holds the trial).

    • If there is a tie between Presidential candidates in the Electoral College, the House has the power to choose the President.
Annual salary$174,000

Source: http://www.tarrantvotes.com/


Candace Valenzuela

Congressional District 24*

Railroad Commissioner


Roberto R. "Beto" Alonzo

Railroad Commissioner*


This is a statewide race.

Job descriptionOne of a three-person commission that oversees the Railroad Commission, a Texas state agency. Term is six years.
    • Regulates the oil and natural gas industry, pipelines, gas utilities, and coal and uranium surface mining.


    • Responsible for enforcing federal laws related to these industries.


    • Note: although it was originally created to do so, the Commission is not responsible for regulating railroads.
Annual salary$137,500

Source: http://www.tarrantvotes.com/


Chrysta Castañeda

Railroad Commissioner*

County Constable, Precinct 5


John Wright

County Constable Precinct 5*

Precinct 5 is in the central/west side of Tarrant County. 


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Job descriptionConstables are officers of the courts; they provide fair and impartial notification to citizens of court actions that may involve them. Term is 4 years.
    • Execute and return all process, warrants, summons, and judgment enforcement documents; may serve docuemnts for state, county, and justice courts of Texas as well as those issued by lawful courts in other states

    • Upon lawful order of the court, may seize and sell property, returning the proceeds according to law

  • Constables are licensed peace officers and may arrest, with or without a warrant, violators of state penal laws and persons who commit offenses in their presence
Annual salary$112,113

Source: http://www.tarrantvotes.com/


Pedro "Pete" Munoz

County Constable Precinct 5*